SPAIN – An urban garden for Leroy Merlin to present trends in terraces

The idea was to show that every corner can become an oasis and boast a cool terrace or garden. To do this, Leroy Merlin with the agency Globally transformed the square in Tapinería Market of Valencia in an urban garden to show the latest trends in decoration and design of exterior.

leroymerlin“Alive ideas for terraces and gardens” was a four-day event where professionals and experts in gardening from Leroy Merlin explained the proposals and possible options to create gardens of different sizes and in different spaces. For this, the space chosen played an important role, since in itself -a interior plaza between buildings- offered several possibilities to set up terrace areas, gardens with artificial lawn, areas with pergolas, etc.

Each of the spaces not only showed a different proposal to give life and decorate a corner of the garden or terrace, but also served to develop various workshops and demonstrations to learn in a practical way. For example, attendees could learn how to decorate pots or ornate a mini orchard with chalk paint, or create their own garland of lights.