ADC Group
President & CEO

Salvatore Sagone

Where Creativity Meets Business

November 17 — h. 09:30 - 09:45

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of Bea World – one of the biggest international event Award Festivals to attend? Would you like to see results from previous years, in which creativity and business partnerships were successfully built? Would you like to learn more about the vision of Bea World, of Porto and Portugal and the numerous opportunities you could have in future? Join this conversation and find out what’s in it for you at Bea World 2017 and afterwards.


As well as being a co-founder, Salvatore Sagone is president and editor in chief of Adc Group. The publishing company has created the Advexpress and e20express websites, NC and e20 magazines, The Notebooks of Communications and organises the NC Awards, NC Digital Awards, Programmatic Awards, EuBea – The international Festival of events and Live Communication and Best Event Awards. Born in 1960, Sagone has been a professional journalist since 1991. He graduated in Literature and Philosophy and has worked in specialised communications publishing, media and advertising since 1987.

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